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What Are Allergies?

Sometimes you might swallow, breathe in, or touch something and have an allergic reaction. This is your immune system responding to an external allergen. In some cases, you may have an idea of what caused the reaction; other times, you may not know what caused the reaction. At Jarvis Family Medical Services and J Spa, we offer a wide range of allergy tests to help you find available treatment options to avoid common symptoms such as coughing and sneezing, wheezing, hives or swelling, congestion, or itchy nose and/or eyes. Common allergens for our Frankfort, Shelbyville, and Oldham County, KY patients include:

  • Trees, flowers, pollen
  • Mold
  • Animals, birds, bugs
  • Food

For more information on how we can test for and diagnose an allergy for yourself or a family member, contact family nurse practitioner Karla Jarvis at our office in Louisville, KY.

How Are Allergies Tested?

The only way to relieve allergy symptoms is to know which substances you or your child are allergic to. Allergy testing at our Louisville, KY office can help identify the cause of allergies, so you can better avoid exposure, whether it's from your diet, your environment, or something else. Some of the more popular allergy tests include:

  • Scratch test: During this test, samples of allergens are placed under the surface of the skin to see if they cause a reaction. This is a great way to test for multiple allergens at once.
  • Blood test: If your allergy symptoms are very severe, we'll perform a blood test so you don't have to come in contact with the allergen. This can detect a smaller number of allergens than the scratch test, but can still test for multiple allergens.
  • Elimination diet: Described by its name, this includes slowly eliminating foods from your diet to decipher which are causing allergic reactions.

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Finding Allergy Triggers

At Jarvis Family Medical Services and J Spa, it's our goal to help you and your family live a healthy life that you are proud of. However, sometimes allergies can keep us from enjoying some of life's little pleasures. If you or your child seem to be having allergic reactions to something, we can help you identify the allergen so you can avoid it and get back to enjoying life. For more information on allergy testing, contact family nurse practitioner Karla Jarvis at our Louisville, KY office.

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